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Update: Referrers Now Being Passed for Nearly All iOS 6 Paid Search Clicks

Just a few days after we pointed out an early May drop in the percentage of iOS 6 paid search clicks that failed to pass a referrer, RKG observed another sharp decline in that rate take place the second week of June: Currently, only 7-8% of iOS 6 paid search clicks are not passing referrers.  This is down from the 70-80% missing referrer rates we observed since iOS 6 launched last September through early May of this year.  By comparison, for all other devices, including desktop, we fail to receive a referrer for about 3-4% of paid search clicks. Unfortunately for the accuracy of our data, there are still no indications that iOS 6 referrers are being passed at greater rates for Google organic searches: Looking at Google Analytics data across a large sample of clients, iOS devices remain overrepresented in the direct traffic bucket, while their share of Google organic search visits remains flat and well below that for all site traffic. For more background and discussion on the implications of this situation, check out our previous posts on iOS 6 here:
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