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Video: A Close Look at How Brands Leverage Twitter

Price Thomas previously filled you in on how to optimize your social media program for Twitter. George Kamide takes you further into the Twitterverse in the video below, sharing real-world examples of brands engaging and building audiences on Twitter.

Watch for Price’s next video on optimizing your social media program for Instagram, and George’s follow-up blog post that will illustrate how brands effectively leverage the image-centric social platform, all on the RKG Blog.


George Kamide: I'm George Kamide and welcome back to the RKG blog. Today we're taking a deeper look at Twitter. It's been just over a month since our last video on Twitter basics, but a month in social might as well be an eon. Twitter has been testing a lot of new features recently, but we don't have time to go into all of them here, but here are three big ones.

First, the "Buy" button; second, Twitter analytics are now open to all; and lastly, Twitter's CFO recently hinted that there might be some algorithmic tweaks to the timeline in 2015. With all these updates and more, Twitter is just as relevant as ever. So let's talk Twitter strategy.

It bears repeating, "Social is Social." Twitter's short-burst, real-time communication is a two-way street. And so a social strategy has to balance two things in general: broadcasting your brand's message and engaging with your followers.

Broadcast side of the equation first. Let's consider your content mix. For ecommerce brands and retailers, tweets should touch every part of a purchase cycle, but your tweets should also add value to the relationship with your followers. Nordstrom stands out for a great blend of brand messaging and lifestyle messaging, and more importantly,the brand's tweets are shareable and relatable.

Now, the timing and frequency of your content is critical. The average Twitter feed is a busy place, so your tweeting needs to be smart and strategic. Make sure you get your content in front of your followers when they are active, otherwise you're just shouting into the wind. One of our clients wanted to increase the reach of their Twitter content. When we took over management of content creation and distribution, we also optimized posting times. In 90 days, retweets, the spread of their content, grew 68%. Favorites grew by 152% and overall impressions by 312%.

It's tempting to tweet often, but more is not necessarily better. Be judicious! Don't spam your followers!

When it comes to the broadcast versus engagement balance, err on the side of engagement. This means if you're asking questions in your tweets and followers are responding, keep the conversation going. Do not copy and paste boilerplate replies. Case in point, around August, 2013 VS PINK changed course in their Twitter strategy. The brand reduced their own tweets to about one to two per day in order to prioritize responding to users with customized @-replies that invited further engagement. The result - a dramatic lift in the rate of follower growth.

Engaging with followers also means providing customer service when necessary. The best brands on Twitter come to the party prepared to field users' queries. Use the real estate in your profile to let followers know how best to reach you and what specific hours someone is there to help.

Engaging with your audience demonstrates that your brand values its followers and transforms them from an audience into a community, one that can be mobilized for sales, events, and can be trusted to advocate for your brand online and off.

Well, that's all we have for today. Next in our series, Price returns with a look at Instagram.

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