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Video: Exciting Future of Enhanced Campaigns

In our last video on Enhanced Campaigns we focused on the challenges they present. Now we turn our attention to the future of Enhanced Campaigns and the exciting possibilities they may offer.

If you missed the first two videos in this series you can watch them by following the links below.

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George Michie: I'm George Michie again, talking about Enhanced Campaigns again. I hope you've seen a couple of my other videos on the topic. Today, I want to talk about the future of Enhanced Campaigns and one of the things that should get people really excited.

The idea behind Enhanced Campaigns is we need to understand both the user's intent and the context in which they are advertising. The context might include what device they're using, where they're physically located, what their demographic profile looks like. Are they a man? Are they a woman? Are they young? Are they old?

And you start thinking about all of the things that Google knows about people, and it becomes truly mind boggling what the future might look like. Think about it. Google knows how old you are. It knows all of your search behavior in the past. It knows who's probably cheating on whom. If you think about it, from GPS signals, they know which devices hang out with each other between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. in the morning. They know which devices go to work where. They know where your office is versus where your home is. They know where you like to eat lunch.

You start thinking about all of this, and you say, "Well, gosh, if these two devices are together at night, but when this device is in a hotel in another city, this device stays at a different residential address that's the same." The potential for Google to get really creepy with what they know is amazing.

But, from a targeting perspective, it allows us to create really, really granular targeting that should allow us to serve better ads, advertised more efficiently for the best traffic, and segment out the worst. So it's exciting.

You think about the context of use as:  How fast is this device moving? Is it moving three miles an hour? Is it in a car? Is it in a car on a residential street or on the interstate going by? All of these things might affect the value of the traffic, and Google knows the answer to all of those questions.

And so we think the potential for Enhanced Campaigns to improve targeting is just astounding, and we're really excited to be thinking about this stuff and going forward, eagerly anticipating the next lever that they're willing to expose to us.

Thanks a lot, and keep watching.

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