Video: Google Hangout with Angular Air about JavaScript Crawling

SVP of Organic Search Adam Audette recently wrote a widely-read piece for Search Engine Land outlining the details of several tests Merkle|RKG ran in measuring Google’s ability to crawl and index JavaScript. While Merkle|RKG has long been at the forefront of recognizing instances in which Google can crawl JavaScript, the tests returned eye-opening results demonstrating that Google is able to not only execute various JavaScript events, but is also able to index dynamically generated content. In this Google Hangout, Adam speaks with industry experts, including Jody O’Donnell and Max Prin from the Merkle|RKG team, about how Google has evolved throughout the years to arrive at the current state of JavaScript crawling. Click play below to learn more about the recent findings, limitations and best practices for JavaScript as it pertains to SEO.

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