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Video: SEO for Holiday Pages

When you put so much effort into driving traffic to a web page during the holidays and that page gains equity, the last thing you want to do is wipe out all that progress and have to rebuild each year. Instead, you can follow the advice in this video from RKG Marketing Strategy Director Megan Geiss on how to keep your holiday web pages alive throughout the year.


Megan Geiss: Hi. Megan here, Marketing Strategy Director at RKG, and today we're going to talk about SEO and the holidays.

So often our retail clients come to us around the holidays and ask what can they do to really optimize the user experience and hold on to that equity for their site? There's actually a couple things you can do and we have some ideas around that.

One of the things that we all do is do our best to create great user experience, great content and these really wonderful holiday landing pages that people want to consume. The holidays are over, you throw those away and all this great work and great equity that you've built up is gone. We don't want to do that. We want to create these really great pages where we can garner that equity throughout the year. And how do you do that?

Well, one of our ideas is to create an evergreen URL that you can reuse. By that, I mean—let's use Men's Wearhouse as an example, menswearhouse.com/holiday or /promotion—in those examples, those are pretty generic URLs that you continue to use throughout the year for the next relevant holiday. So, in the example of Men's Wearhouse, Valentine's Day comes after Christmas. Use that same /holiday URL but then create a great user experience, wonderful content and everything there is around Valentine's Day gifts rather than the Christmas gifts that you had previously on the site. By doing that throughout the year, again, focusing on the user, the user experience and this great content for each of the holidays, you are going to create this really highly-equitable page that, when next Christmas comes around, it's going to be something to pull out of your back pocket that you have that's going to help you through the holidays.

That idea isn't feasible for all sites, and we know that, and often times you need to use a specific Christmas URL. So perhaps it's menswearhouse.com/christmas-gifts. Same thing as before. Create a really great user experience, wonderful content. People are linking to it and they love it. You know, the holiday ends. Don't throw it away. Do not 404 that page but keep it alive. Keep it as a 200, but take it out of your navigation. Take it out of the linking. Let it live. But then be creative with what you do put up. Put some kind of cool messaging around next holiday or a holiday countdown calendar, or something fun of, "Wow, the holidays are over. We wish they were here again." Just something fun so that people know you're not silly and think it's still Christmas, but you get to keep that same URL and keep it alive throughout the year.

These are just a couple of ideas that we have around how SEO can effect the optimization of your site over the holidays. I'd love to hear if anybody else has some great ideas or something fun that you've done in the past. Please share that with us. Thanks again and, as always, check out our RKG blog. Thanks.

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