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Voters Are Searching But Campaigns Aren’t Advertising: Analyzing PPC Results for 50,000+ Google & Yahoo Political Searches

With the 2008 election is less than a year away, we’ve been taking a long look at PPC advertising in the campaign to see how the presidential hopefuls are using paid search. We’ve been running searches on candidate names and issues since February, noting what we see.

The dataset came to over 25K searches on G and Y, both. We thought that pay-per-click search would find wide adoption, but we were wrong. We’re following the paid search angle of 2008 Presidential campaign with interest – partly because we have a hard core group of political junkies on staff, partly because we’re bullish on paid search, and partly because we think there’s good potential for using PPC as a core component of political campaign advertising.

When you have a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail… Tomorrow we’re releasing Search and Politics ’08, our study of paid search advertising by for the 2008 Presidential election. The study looks at over 25,000 searches year to date.

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