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The Way To a Better Customer Connection

"Discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” ― Marcel Proust

Experience Design is an expansive concept. It can encompass many, if not all, business disciplines, industries, and personal endeavors. For purposes of this blog, consider Experience Design as the focused effort of making customer engagement — online, offline, or a mixture of the two — a more successful marketing enterprise.

Experience Design is a process of realization. Unearthing all we can about what will motivate an individual to participate in what we have to offer. Identifying, appropriately crafting, and optimizing customer touchpoints is at the core of what we are addressing. We believe the best results are achieved by being more attentive to the things that truly move our customers. Connecting the DNA of a brand — its promise — directly to the personal values of its customers is the most direct way of building stronger customer bonds. Bonds that can remain long after a brand interaction has occurred.

One thing is true, the less we assume about our audience the more likely we are to reach our audience. Here's to knowing rather than guessing.

This blog intends to capture the ways we, at Merkle, think, debate, explore, sweat, and ultimately come to terms with the practice of Experience Design. We are looking at our clients’ customers with a clearer perspective, with new eyes.

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