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Web 2.0 Video: Web 1.0 and Text

After a second viewing of Michael Wesch's excellent video on Web 2.0, two thoughts linger:
  1. Text is foundational. AJAX, mash-ups, and RSS are a few 2.0 elements more prone to start a conversation, but when we talk about online content, text remains core. Even Wesch's video spends (guess) upwards of 30% of its runtime describing text and capturing text. As the video makes clear, the marking up of text remains the essential example a fundamental 2.0 meme: content separated from form.
  2. Web 2.0 is making good on web 1.0 promises. Ten plus years ago, the web was going to democratize publishing and everyone was going to have a page. But as the video makes clear, the first time around it didn’t work out. For most of us, the technology was too hard—or too brittle. The wrong markup language for the right job. (And for those who did not roll their own, WYSIWYG web publishing tools wrote ugly code and created bloated pages) This time around it's easier to create content that’s flexible...and distributed seemingly effortlessly.
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