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We've been acquired by RKG!

Big news! AudetteMedia has been acquired by the search marketing firm RKG. We're beyond excited, we're stoked! We're psyched! We're pumped up!
RKG logo
RKG is one of the largest paid search marketing firms in the world, in terms of managed advertising spend. In addition to PPC, they offer technology solutions in attribution, comparison shopping, social media, and display. When we started AudetteMedia five years ago, our vision was to accomplish great things in search marketing by focusing on a single discipline: search engine optimization. Our SEO focused at first on large-site ecommerce. We then took those learnings and began applying them to other areas, such as B2B, publishing, online education, travel, startups and more. Our client list today reflects the vision we set out with, and the reputation we've earned as a boutique SEO firm with leading clients. AudetteMedia does one thing exceptionally well: SEO. For other things that our clients need, we trust in exceptional partners. RKG has been our deepest and most strategic partner. They not only provide complementary services in PPC, but we also share similar cultures. They are accountable direct marketers with insane focus on ROI and efficiency. They have integrity in all their dealings. Their technology is world-class, as are their analysts (the best in the business). By joining RKG we are joining forces with a truly industry-leading company. This merger is the union of similar minds, visions, and skills. All of our employees will be joining RKG, and our offices in Bend, Oregon will remain and operate as the west coast division (RKG also has offices in Charlottesville and Boston). Our clients will continue to get best of breed SEO consultation from the same teams they have now. I'll be joining RKG as President. Meg Thompson, our co-founder and EVP, will be serving as Vice President of SEO. We are thrilled with the opportunity ahead for our clients as we integrate paid search, attribution, display, organic search, comparison shopping, social media, and more to create a truly end-to-end picture of online marketing. This is only the beginning!
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