What are the Pitfalls of Trying to Deploy a Complex Transformation In-house?

So, there are really two problems there that we've seen.

One is allocation, and that's simply the idea that we're going to assign a team and let them do this in addition to their day job, and we know that simply doesn't work. The other, more important, piece is around skills. So, if you think about each stage of the trasformation journey around plan, build and deploy, you have very specific skillsets that need to be in place.

During planning, you need a team that's skilled in developing customer journey in technology, in analytics, as well as business strategy. As we get into the build phase, you really need a very skilled project management office, as well as individuals who are experts in the technology and the data.

And then, finally, around deploy, you really need to be thinking about a team that's skilled in organizational transformation. And that's a tall order and most internal teams don't have the requisite skillsets. So, it's really important to find the partners who can supplement your understanding and your knowledge of your business with the experience in each of these areas.


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