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What is a brand?

Seth Godin poses the question, What is a brand? My favorite answer to that question:
Your brand is what you do every day.
Sure, advertising matters; typography matters; sponsorships matter; logo matters; etc. etc. etc. But what really matters is how a company consistently executes the every day tasks of serving their customers and clients. Brand isn't about image. Brand is about substance. In short: * Does the company get the job done? (if a service company) * Is the product great? (if a product company) * Does the company exceed expectations? * Does the company tell the truth? * Does the company admit mistakes? * Is the company fair? * Are the company's employees nice people? These aspects of branding may seem small compared to branding campaign budgets with many zeros. But, at the day's end, branding is really about what you do, not what you say.
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