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What did you call me?!?

A great many disputes and hard feelings arise from misunderstandings. This happens FAR too often in our industry. I've been guilty of it myself from time to time. The truth is that oftentimes blog posts are written and talks are given by people with a limited range of experience. In fact we all have a limited range of experience in some sense: we've worked on some different kinds of accounts, but I'm willing to bet that few of us have worked on all different kinds of accounts. I remember reading a Blog post by Brad Geddes a year or so ago and thinking to myself: "Brad is really sharp, but this post is way off base. What gives?" Later I realized that he was giving advice about managing hundreds or thousands of tiny accounts (spending We could circle all that apply and prospective readers/attendees might then choose to skip those that don't pertain to them. Might be a better experience for all parties concerned. Thoughts?
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