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What Every Multichannel Merchant Should Know About Paid Search Performance Audits

As pay-per-click search budgets grow, periodic program reveiws become ever more critical. From this month's Catalog Success:
As a cataloger/multichannel marketer, you’ve long understood the importance of double-checking all aspects of your marketing programs to make sure everything is in order. No doubt, you visit your printer when you’re on press to monitor print quality. You do bindery checks to inspect book assembly. You likely use mail decoys to confirm delivery. You also probably “mystery shop” your own company to monitor your call center and shipping teams. You surely double-check your printing and postal invoices for accuracy. The same attention to detail applies to online marketing. As paid search marketing grows in importance and consumes a larger share of catalogers’ acquisition budgets, it’s prudent to scrutinize these programs regularly. You want to make sure your plans are being executed correctly, and that your precious marketing dollars are being used intelligently. Here are my recommendations for auditing paid search marketing campaigns. I suggest performing these checks at least quarterly. It might take some calls and e-mails to assemble the data you’ll need, but once those data are in hand, the following analyses should take less than a full workday...
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