What Happened Over At Technorati?

What happened over at Technorati?? New tagline: "Zillions of Photos, Videos, Blogs and More." Uck. "Zillions" is unspecific and weak, as is "And More." (Here's Godin on specificity.) "Photos and Videos" listed in the tag line before blogs? A whiff of of Flickr-YouTube Valuation Envy? Has "Authority Score" fully replaced "Technorati Rank?" Watching the ranks was fun -- are those available anywhere on the site any more? (If not, the web will need serious withdrawal counseling for all the rankaholics out there... ) And they have a small encoding issue with HTML at the moment: "ron paul" is the #1 tag on the homepage.

Don't want to sound curmudgeonly , but I much prefer the old positioning and look. Your thoughts?
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