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What I've Been Up To…

Just a quick post outlining a few things I've been doing. If I can't promote myself before the conferences and such, I might as well promote myself afterwards, right? I'll figure this marketing thang out someday. Other than writing posts about the serious dangers of rel=canonical, I've been traveling a bit. Working a lot - with some great clients I might add. My normal routine takes me to Henderson, Nevada every couple of weeks to work with the search team at Zappos. Between those visits I usually hit several conferences a year, including SMX East and West and Advanced, SES, Pubcon, and SearchFest - and we have even more planned for 2010.

Search + Social Conference in Bend

AudetteMedia sponsored the "WebCAM" conference (Web + Creative & Marketing) in Bend, Oregon (home of AudetteMedia, Pixelsilk, GSI, G5, Microsoft's chief SEO architect, the Marketleap founder, and basically all things search, SEO, SEM). Marshall Simmonds of Define also keeps a house here. So take that, California and New York! Bend's got SEO cred, check out the history. It was a great event, even if it suffered from a pretty confusing name. At WebCAM, I presented on how Zappos uses social media, and why the channel has been so effective for them. You can check out the deck on Slideshare: Zappos, Social Media, and the Cult of Wow. Not only is Zappos a company I personally care a lot about, I don't know if there's anyone in the space I respect more than Tony Hsieh. Except my dad, John Audette, of course.

Other Conferences & Presentations

SMX East - New York - always rocks
At SMX East in October, I sat on 3 separate panels, including SEO for Ecommerce and Diagnosing Technical SEO Issues. (The latter presentation is on my Slideshare.) But my favorite panel, by far, was the one on PageRank sculpting with nofollow. This is a topic where my position has been clear for a very long time (see the link above), but this time I got to speak alongside Danny Sullivan (moderating), Rand Fishkin (always great), Brent Payne (Tribune SEO extraordinaire), Leslie Rhode (very technical and experienced), Shari Thurow (in my opinion one of the best SEOs in the world) and Eric Enge (another fantastic SEO). It was fun. My primary takeaway: sculpting PageRank with nofollow has always sucked. Sort of like Nickelback.
Search Engine Strategies - Chicago - moderating rocked
At SES Chicago I got to try something new - moderating. Actually I'm not new to moderating, I ran the internet marketing list, LED Digest, for about 10 years, as well as worked closely on the Adventive lists (i-Sales, i-Search, etc). And I moderated the SEM 2.0 Group with Andrew Goodman for a year or two. I found that moderating lists and moderating panels has a lot in common. It was a blast and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. The panels I moderated included Site Architecture, Usability and SEO, and Duplicate Content Issues. They were fantastic, and not because of my contributions. The panel on Site Architecture, Usability and SEO was something of a landmark for SES. Shari Thurow sat on both of them and delivered stellar stuff, along with Kim Kraus-Berg and Eric Enge. On the duplicate content panel, high value came from the contributions of Srinath Rao, too, a search engineer from Ask.com. Another highlight of SES was dinner with Peter Morville, Kim Krause-Berg, Shari Thurow, and Anthony Long.

Random Self-promotion Lies Beneath

Somehow I got on the list for the Top 100 Influential Marketers of 2009, at #38, which was nice. Thanks Invesp. My friend George Michie at Rimm-Kaufman Group (RKG) helped get me some votes, too. I owe you a beer, George. For myself, I voted for Brian Kalma of Zappos. Because he rocks.
I'll be traveling to Santa Clara in early March for SMX West, and likely some other stops along the way. Still trying to figure out our conference schedule for 2010. If you'll be at SMX West or any other major conference, give me a shout and let's connect!
The cool folks at Unstuck Digital put us on the list for Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009, an honor to be included on a list with great shops and blogs like 10e20, Conversation Marketing, Occam's Razor, Outspoken and Dave Naylor. Among many others. All of those blogs are in my RSS reader - well done putting that list together, Mike. Okay final self-promotion-link-drop then I'm done: RKG again comes through, this time publishing an interview George and I conducted via email recently. Check it out! Lots of SEO stuff in there, in fact most of it is about my (and my company's) approach to search marketing: SEO Expert Interview - Adam Audette 2010 should bring lots of changes to the search landscape. I love my job and the work we do, and I'm looking forward to the changes ahead. Update: one more - Mark Knowles and I did a spot for WebmasterRadio on how Google Product Search rocks this season. You can listen to it right here, in their SES Conference series. Update #2: Tamar, who is awesome and has a new book out, The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web, included the AudetteMedia blog in her Best Internet Marketing Posts of 2009. Holla!
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