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What Kind of Marketing Hero Are You?

Over the course of several years, Aberdeen Group put out a series of research reports discussing Closed-Loop Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and (even) Predictive Analytics. The reports discussed marketing in three basic maturity classes; e.g. Best-In-Class, Average, and Laggard. 

Companies continue to find the reports relevant and significant in supporting business cases associated with all forms of marketing programs. 

However, over the course of several discussions, my clients found the three distinct phases difficult for their planning and strategizing. Additionally, the predictive analytics was obviously the next step up from a “best-in-class” closed-loop marketing program – especially when one automates the predictive analytics.

With that in mind, I created five stages of marketing maturity programs.

Yet, it was really boring — and didn’t fit me at all.

So, then I thought, "What if I discussed it as the type of marketer a person is?"


“But wait!” my Hulk action figure yelled at me, "Why not give them superhero names and associated powers!?!" (He yells a lot.)

So with that in mind, I present to you the "What kind of (Superhero) Marketer are you?"

The Superheroes of Marketing

Personalizers see increased customer response

Are You a Personalizer?

Personalizers: Integrate channel and media in a cohesive interaction, so as to interact and predict the best engagement across a defined journey — driving incremental engagement.

Marketers having a customer-centric conversation will see:


Growth in revenue

Marketing is an art, with the ultimate goal being a customer-centric personalized relationship with each individual consumer. The better you get at it, the bigger your ROI and the stronger the customer relationship. The stronger your powers grow in the way of marketing.  

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