What We're Reading: "The Corporate Blogging Book" , "Naked Conversations", and "Cluetrain"

We've been getting more interested in blogging. We hope rkgblog makes our firm more transparent, letting folks see who we are, what we're thinking about, and how we think. So we're avidly reading some of the more prominent blogging books ("blooks"?) out there. Scoble and Israel's Naked Conversations is a great book of corporate blogging case studies. Debbie Weil's The Corporate Blogging Book is a bit more buttoned up, but still very useful. And it's still worth going back to the original blogging manifesto, penned back in early '01 (before blogs even existed): the venerable and breathless Cluetrain Manifesto by Locke, Levine, Searls, and Weinberger.
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