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What we're reading: Maverick, The Story Behind The World's Most Unusual Workplace

Rereading Maverick: The Success Story Behind the World's Most Unusual Workplace by Ricardo Semler, CEO and primary owner of the Brazilian manufacturer Semco. Highly recommended.

I first read this book more than three years back, before founding a company. Semler's messages feel even more right to me today. Trust employees: open up your books; involve the team in decision making; slash bureaucracy; share profits. This book has had a large influence on my thinking, shaping the values we try to use running our company each day. Read this book along with its modern cousin by Jack Stack -- The Great Game of Business.

Reading this book over the last few days, I've been responding more frequently, "Well what do you all think we should do? Ok, let's do it!"

(These ideas resonate? Come join the adventure -- we're hiring.)

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