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What Will 2014 Bring for Medication Adherence?

As the end of another calendar year approaches, I find myself looking back to see what I accomplished, what I didn’t and how the world around me changed. I use these reflections to guide me on my plans (dare I call them resolutions) for the coming year — similar to how we reflect on our business as the year winds to a close. The life sciences industry, and more specifically health care and its associated Rx interventions, changed dramatically in 2013. The magnitude of this upheaval not only derailed many plans this past year, but will also have a huge impact on our “business resolutions” in 2014 and beyond.

As we plan our strategy for 2014 and make our “to-do” lists, we tend to focus on the standard requirements of our jobs: budgeting, brand planning, market and target segmentation, field force alignment and prioritization, expansion and integration of CRM-based initiatives, and so on. But, in our zeal to address the visible deliverables, let’s not lose sight of those challenges less visible, though just as impactful — patient adherence, compliance and persistency. Keep the following considerations in mind as you plan for the challenges ahead:

  • Make a significant effort to implement a broader level of mass personalization — powered by and leveraging your own “Big Data " — to help you transform patient compliance and adherence into a more preference-driven, individualized experience.
  • Take a holistic approach to planning for and integrating adherence strategies through paid, earned, owned and shared media channels.
  • Identify and embrace those barriers to patient non-compliance that you can influence, and align your efforts with tactics that make sense for patients and brands (and HCPs).
  • Raise your eyes to the industries beyond pharma and the relevant leaders that occupy the space of thought leadership, leveraging new marketing technologies to build customer loyalty.
  • Utilize Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and related social media channels in your market communications, or, if you can't, commit to better understanding the role they play, while developing effective adherence strategies

Adherence is not just about an incremental boost to Rx activity. It is being driven by dramatic changes to the industry, insurers and the legislation that embodies our daily efforts. Coverage is shifting from a fee-for-service to a payment-and-care delivery model. As we consider Rx benefits in this new and still unsettled environment, adherence/compliance and persistence take on a whole new meaning — one that will continue to be defined for health outcomes in 2014 and beyond.

Click here to read Kent's recent interactive white paper titled “Reinventing Medication Adherence in the Digital Age."

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