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What's Old Is What's New: Top SEO Posts on RKGBlog

We’re sure that, by now, you’ve heard the big news; it’s obviously been an exciting time at RKG of late. It’s true: we now offer comprehensive SEO services! While we changed over some phones, and we had the Bend office start answering those phones differently, we were able to continue servicing our clients as usual, from the same desks in the same offices with the same teams. There were, naturally, a few hiccups along the way, but we didn’t have to move…at least not in the physical sense. Online, however, we did have to move a few things around, one of those things being the AudetteMedia blog. And just like any other move, sometimes you get distracted looking through the boxes before taking the contents along to their new home. Through that process, we caught ourselves re-reading blog posts that still resonate and are worthy of highlighting for you here. We found a hymn, interviews, best practices advice, logic defying anecdotes (which actually inspired a fairly amusing satire), and even a little revisionist history. But what we really enjoyed was revisiting the following top five posts, which can now call the RKGBlog home: 1) Link Building Fundamentals: A Primer The amazing thing is that this post is well over 3 years old, and still as relevant, if not more, than ever.  This might just be the definitive reference for link building; we certainly view it as such. 2) Free SEO Diagnostics Tool: Log File Parsing Script How do we know that we’re true SEO Geeks? Well, maybe because we develop valuable SEO tools and ideas and then proudly give them away for free, just because they’re so cool and geeky! Besides giving away SEO advice over the years worth literally millions of dollars, Adam spent some time throwing around free tools, too. And while we’ve tried to corral him a bit, this post reminded us that we shouldn’t really give away the farm…but we’re apparently addicted to it. 3) SEO Tips For Large Ecommerce Sites Free SEO tips for large ecommerce sites…just because we felt like it. We’ve worked with Zappos for a number of years. Since people always ask, we thought we’d be proactive about it and provide some gratis advice. Of course, the caveat is that in order to become anything like Zappos, you’re going to need more of our help. Feel free to call… 4) Writing For SEO: The Major On-Page SEO Scoring Factors We develop content and write copy for a wide variety of companies representing numerous industries, so it helps to have a plan. We organized our SEO writing process and then, you guessed it, gave it away for free. Enjoy. 5) 5 Step Strategy For Handling SEO Pagination Problems We can’t really begin to tell you how often we talk with clients and prospective clients about issues around pagination. It took us much trial and error to decipher the best practices in this area. And, in keeping with the theme, we then shared our learnings with you for free, just because that’s the way we are. So, if you are suffering through SEO headaches that include any of the above topics, read these blog posts, implement the suggestions, and then collect the additional revenue while looking like a genius to your stakeholders, shareholders, superiors, and subordinates. You’ll probably get that promotion, the concomitant raise, enjoy off the charts status and bask in the glory of company-wide recognition. You’re welcome (we like Pilsner)!

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