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Why Is The USPS Mailing Beer Coasters To Help The Environment?

As a future environmailist™[sic], please tell us a few things about yourself so we can make our list a little greener.
-- USPS, www.mailgreener.com

Anyone else find irony in the USPS sending a bulky direct mail piece on "how to make direct mail more environmentally friendly"?

Errrr... how about "mailers: send less unsolicited mail"? Funny USPS didn't mention that one...

Here's the envelope that came today:


The package: heavy paper envelope and thick BRC. The paper is 30% post-consumer-waste, but it is still pretty darn thick.

Regardless of your politics, would you wear would wear an "en•vi•ron•mail•ist" t-shirt? If you want one, get yours online here. Organic cotton. Free. Which begs the larger question: why is the USPS spending revenue on t-shirt give-aways?


I also wonder: does the USPS pay postage, or do they mail free?


And finally, the most befuddling part:

What's the marketing idea behind sending me beer coasters?

Yep, that's right. The mailing includes four beer coasters.

Jack Potter assumes mailers are handling the postage hikes by drowning their sorrows at the office? You got me.



USPS direct mail often leaves me a bit befuddled, and this piece doesn't disappoint.

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