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WMQA: Yahoo's Automatic "Optimizations"

Dear WMQA -- The way I read the new Yahoo T&Cs, Yahoo can do whatever they want to my campaigns and I'm obligated to pay. What's the deal with that?!? How do I protect campaigns and budgets from Yahoo messing with them? - Agnes
Dear Agnes, Yes, we’ve heard of this, seen it happen and ultimately disagree with Yahoo’s decision to “optimize” user’s campaigns without pre-authorization. I don’t think Yahoo is out to get anyone with this clause. In fact, we have no problem with their gumption; trying to help the advertiser, their users, and perhaps their own pocket books. The later seems to be what makes agencies and advertisers alike suspicious of ulterior motives. It is the manner of the optimization that alarms us, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t Yahoo at least give advertisers a week or so to approve the changes before they were implemented? The bad: A client of ours, prior to working with RKG, experienced this automatic account optimization first hand. Yahoo launched a number of new keywords in an active campaign, with improper, non-redirecting destination URLs. Our advice to Yahoo - Accounts are sophisticated, and any “optimizations” should be made in conjunction with the advertiser’s pre-approval. The good: According to Yahoo, any account with a dedicated Yahoo account representative is not subject to automatic account optimization. An account dealing strictly with a 1-800 number for questions or concerns, however is a candidate for automatic optimization. If you’re in the later camp, Yahoo typically launches changes with fairly low daily campaign budgets ($15), and alerts you via email when the new campaign is activated. You’ll have time to see if the changes are right for your program before extensive costs have been incurred. - WMQA
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