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Today's email brought this gem: an affiliate get-rich-quick 'opportunity' called Yahoocash4idiots (link no-followed).

Here are some snippets from the YC4I page, emphasis mine:

No doubt, Google was a true money making machine up until December 2007. Things changed...competition became fierce and making a profit as an affiliate marketer with Google AdWords was literally impossible.

Big Reasons Why Google is DEAD For Affiliates...

# 2. Google Hates Affiliate Marketers... The bottom line is, Google looks at affiliates the same they look at spammers - like blood-sucking mosquito's to be squashed. So, regardless of how much quality content you have on your site, if you trigger the spam alarm - you're toast. And good freakin' luck climbing your way back up that ladder.

#3. Google Will Never Let You Win ... Every time some affiliate gets top search position, a bigger client is speed-dialing them to scream about it. Make no mistake ... AdWords is Google's bread and butter... so, naturally their allegiance is with the major corporations pouring millions every month into paid search campaigns. Sure, they'll take your money, but don't think for a second they'll let your hundred dollar affiliate campaign get in the way of their million dollar players?

The YC4I folks blur reality a bit, overstating Yahoo's share and click quality, to help them sell more get-rich-quick-as-a-Y!-affiliate $77 videos. Regardless, their core marketing message is clear: it isn't as easy as it used to be to generate affiliate scam revenue from Google advertisers. And to that we say, "Kudos, Google! Keep working on it!"

We've complimented Google here before on their efforts to improve their content network. It it nice these changes are beginning to be noticed by the get-rich-quicksters too.


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