YAPC::NA 2007

YAPC::NA At RKG, we're big proponents of, believers in, and users of open source software. Our folks contribute to the movement too, open-sourcing some non-proprietary tools we've developed. So, for the second year, we're pleased to sponsor YAPC::NA, the annual North American Perl conference. YAPC occurs next week in Houston. We're not the biggest sponsor, for sure, but we're proud to contribute. Kudos to the other great organizations chipping in: Summersault, ITA Software, O'Reilly , Shopzilla, ValueClick, Google, Red Hat, LiveText, Openmake, CheetahMail, Grant Street Group, Active State, Paradigm, Socialtext, USENIX, Oversee.net, Knowmad Technologies, No Starch Press, Pragmatic Bookshelf, Apress , Rimm Kaufman Group, Manning Publications, SAMS Publishing, and Addison-Wesley.
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