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You Read It Here First: Google Partners With GE

zappygirlEarly this year, we started noticing a pattern of Google press releases of the form,

"Google partners with [HugeCo] to solve [HugeProblem]".

The announcements sounded fill-in-the-blank, like MadLibs. So, for April Fool's, we posted a fake announcement that we'd hacked Google's internal PR server. We presented a silly app for generating fake Google PR releases. And we "leaked" a random release about Google partnering with GE to solve the energy crisis via open standards.

Here's our randomly-generated fake announcement: Google, General Electric, US Dept Of Energy Announce Open Platform for Power Generation (4/1/08)

Last week came the real GE/Google announcement: Partnering With GE on clean energy (9/17/08)


In all seriousness, it is excellent that Google is teaming up with GE to develop a smarter power grid. As a nation, we need all the innovative thinking in energy we can get.

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