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YUI Grids Builder: Easy Wizard Lets You Build Clean Compliant Cross-Browser Pages Quickly

yahoo developer network Yahoo open-sources some truly amazing code. If your web dev folks haven't checked out Yahoo's free "YUI" library (Yahoo User Interface) recently, they really should. Lots of powerful CSS and Javascript magic lets your wizards churn out attractive, standards-compliant, cross-browser-friendly pages with minimal effort. The framework provides helpful high-quality code for Ajax, calendars, events, logging, sliders, trees, auto-complete, color picking, mobile devices, drag-and-drop, and text editing. And solid foundations like their excellent CSS reset, base, fonts, and grids. Big selling point for me: YUI libraries work happily across modern browsers. The cross-browser aspect alone cuts out sooooo much hassle and soooo much wasted time. (Sure, Google provides a similar GWT -- Google Web Toolkit -- but I'm partial to the Yahoo code.) Tonight I just checked out the YUI CSS Grid Builder (hat tip: Jeremy Z), a convenient wizard for setting up YUI pages even quicker. That's really neat little app and a big timesaver. Link: YUI CSS Grid Builder
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