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Latest Posts

Digital Travel Summit 2015 Takeaways

At the 2015 Digital Travel Summit, Matt Naeger, EVP of Digital Strategy, and I presented on “Using Customer Information to Deliver a Better Experience and Increase Value.”

Creating Positive Consumer Experiences

It's now possible for pharmaceuticals, payers, and healthcare providers to deliver tailored and personalized messages on a broad scale. Hear Croom Lawrence discuss how it is now possible to know when and where you can connect your audience to a more relevant experience for a greater health impact.

Email: A Force Multiplier for Response

Merkle has a wide array of performance marketing strategies and tactics at its disposal to drive response. Often these techniques use cutting-edge digital technologies or modeling techniques, and sometimes both. But just as often, we find that low-tech approaches can generate response magic too.

How Intelligently Are You Targeting Your Potential Consumers?

Have you ever suspected that your marketing campaign is not driving sales efficiently or found yourself spending time and resources modifying your marketing tactics and still getting a low ROI? You are not alone. It is all in the targeting. What is targeting?

B2B vs. B2C Buying Behavior

Considered purchasing habits aren't limited to the realm of business-to-consumer, which means B2B marketing can, and should, have plenty in common with B2C marketing practices

A Customer-Centric Approach to Digital Marketing Analytics

Imagine you are a marketer for a retail client. The client has a loyal existing customer base, but wants to expand and attract new customers through digital media. Although all customers are important to the client, some are more valuable than others based on the frequency and revenue of their purchases.
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