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Latest Posts

Financial Services Industry News: March 2015

With ongoing changes and innovations in the financial services industry, we strive to stay on the leading edge of news and trends to keep our clients informed on new opportunities and potential threats in their business.

What Kind of Marketing Hero Are You?

Over the course of several years, Aberdeen Group put out a series of research reports discussing Closed-Loop Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and (even) Predictive Analytics. The reports discussed marketing in three basic maturity classes; e.g. Best-In-Class, Average, and Laggard.

An Excerpt from the 2015 Marketing Imperatives

The rapid digitization of media and channels has created a growing and constantly fragmenting number of highly dynamic addressable audience platforms at scale, like Google, Facebook, and Twitter. These first- and third-party platforms enable targeted, personalized experiences at an individual level, facilitating the delivery of branded content across devices and throughout the buying cycle.

The Four Pillars of Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the transformation of data into insightful, meaningful information that is useful to a business for making decisions and driving action. At its core are four pillars: Data Presentation Community Technology platforms