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Competing in the Bracket-lytics Challenge

In order to play in this year's competition, there are a few things you'll need to do

First ...

Before you lace 'em up and get in to the game, you, and every member of your team, are required to agree to the rules

Next ...

Along with your bracket predictions, you're required to submit a write-up of how you made your predictions

Here's what you'll need to provide in your write-up:

  • The significant variables in your model/rating. Please provide clear examples of all significant variables and what testing methods you used to identify their significance. If you ranked teams based on a rating, please provide the formula for your rating.
  • The way you filledĀ out your bracket
    Did you treat every matchup the same and use a ranking system for the teams where each team is assigned a ranking and picked matchups based on which team had a higher ranking? Please provide an excel file of your final ranking of teams with your bracket if you did
    Did you treat every matchup differently and assign win probabilities, then select the winner based on said probability? Please provide your win probabilities with every matchup, and, if you picked a team with a lower win probability to win against a team of higher probability (i.e. your model gives Duke a 55% chance to defeat UNC, however you selected UNC in your bracket) please provide an explanation (that is supported by data sources) in each case.
  • Specific source files used to generate predictions, including any data provided by Merkle and any other data you used. Note: If you are using additional data sources, you will need to get permission to use it.
  • A reproducible script of code (in a language of your preference)that will allow us to verify your rating system or win probability calculations as it relates to your predictions. Note: If we cannot reproduce your predictions you will not be eligible to win the prize, regardless of the number of points you have earned.

Write-ups can be submitted to [email protected] after making your bracket predictions and before the first game tips off on March 15, 2018.