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Making the right calls

We were brought in to review our client's contact strategy. We went further and transformed it.

The challenge: The household energy market is fiercely competitive, and sales depend on highly targeted customer communications. Our client, an energy giant, needed to improve their outbound prospecting. They were looking to maximise the return from data supplied by a third party used in a campaign to sell energy to new customers. Merkle Aquila was brought in to review the contact strategy. We went further and transformed it.

Making the right calls

Our approach: Through analysis modelling we were quickly able to demonstrate that the call centres were using the data for far too long. We were able to pinpoint when the sales dropped away, despite the application of the same level of resources. With rocketing cost-per-sale, the value of each sale was much lower than previously believed.


The results: We were able to identify the optimal cut-off point – to balance the increasing costs-per-sale against the cost of refreshing the data set. Our client was delighted, more so when the new contact strategy also minimised the number of nuisance calls.

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