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What Health Marketers Need to Know About 2018

Healthcare marketers are bracing for another disruptive year. From the legislative shifts coming out of Washington to CVS merging with Aetna to ever-changing advancements in the digital space, there’s a lot for healthcare brands to stay on top of.
Topic: Health

The New Role of the Pharma Rep and Raising the Digital Stakes

Given the rapidly evolving changes to our healthcare system, as well as the overwhelming volume of content that healthcare professionals (HCP) are faced with daily across channels, a defined HCP communication strategy at the therapeutic and brand level is more important than ever for the pharmaceutical industry. To compete in this dynamic and over-saturated market, pharma companies must shift their approach to focus less on the individual campaign and more on an enterprise-wide strategy that places the customer at the center of the business.
Topic: Health

Pharmaceutical Marketers Need to Get the Physician Message Right

Often times when physician engagement or lift does not meet benchmarks, companies are quick to point fingers at the marketing channel. Whether it’s email or a third-party vendor, the response might be, “Let’s not work with that channel anymore.” But most channels have a long history of success.
Topic: Health