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What's Exciting in Marketing Today?

[Amy]: The heightened awareness of really what data can bring to the table. It's energizing all of us.

[Simon]: It's about how do you apply AI. Two things like the challenges around data and marketing to, I suppose consume and understand the vast amounts of information and data that customers now have at their fingertips, but also how do you then use that and how does the AI, therefore, help marketers to make their jobs easier.

[Matthew]: The shift in the actual organizations, starting to see those shifts actually occur, so they're preparing themselves for people-based marketing, and the ability actually to handle the entirety of the consumer journey across media and channel.

[Vincent]: Hey, what is really exciting is the transformation of the market and especially the digital transformation of our lives and our companies, and how we do business today.

[Joaquin]: All the attempts on prediction models.

[Brian]: Connecting online and offline data, trying to work out who a customer really is as they go through the things we know about them, to the things we see about them through devices, and try and understand what that means from their digital identity, sticking it all back together and working out how you really manage a customer.

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