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How to Move from Stage 1 to Stage 2

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Going from Blaster to RegulatorSo you want to go from "Blaster" to "Regulator?" Here's how you can get started.

Develop simple trigger response campaigns

Consider campaigns that address some low hanging fruit, like a welcome campaign for first-time customers or an abandoned cart campaign for people who are almost ready to buy but don’t finish the checkout process.

Initiate some baseline testing within one channel

Start small – maybe test two subject lines to see what kind of keywords or message direction resonates with your customers. Change the way the “buy” button works, and see what gets more clicks. Get creative – you can’t go wrong testing because you’re always learning.

Add lift into your analytics

Always, always, always track and measure. Anything you can apply analytics to, you should. Even if you aren’t using that data right now, down the road you may want to see some of it. The biggest one is probably your conversion rate, but think of new things you can track like steps in a customer journey. 


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[subheadline shortcode_text="Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences"]Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences[/subheadline]

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Delivering personalized experiences means having relevant, seamless interactions with a consumer across an omni-channel ecosystem. Regardless of how the consumer chooses to engage with your company, some form of personalization should be considered.

To that end, our latest white paper reviews seven of the most common techniques companies are leveraging to deliver one-to-one personalized experiences that drive relationships and develop loyalty in the areas of: brand, product marketing, experience, collateral, content, product selection, and preferences.

Drive Profits with Personalized Experiences - Merkle White Paper