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Getting to Know Your Privacy Rights

Merkle Privacy Portal

Merkle and your personal information

Who is Merkle?

Merkle is a global marketing agency that helps advertisers and brands reach people and strengthen customer loyalty and engagement. As part of its services, Merkle may combine customer data that our clients already have with information from other sources.

This helps support marketing programs and allows our clients to communicate with the people most interested in their products and services.

Where does Merkle get information about me?

Merkle does not collect personal information directly from you. Merkle obtains data from other companies who have direct contact with you or acquires information from other third-parties who collect your data. The collection of data in these respects allows Merkle to help its clients promote relevant products and services to existing and potential clients.

In other words, we help businesses promote products and services that people might be curious about and we indirectly help consumers by limiting the marketing that would not be relevant to them.

There is much more detail in our privacy notice and there are more details on how to contact us to find out more here.