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Marketing Insights Reports

The financial services landscape changes quickly. Every industry has seen some form of disruption in recent years and has had to make strategic decisions on how to move forward. In these situations, the right partner and intel can be the difference between surging ahead and getting left behind.

These reports represent Merkle’s top financial services strategists’ thoughts on where different industries are headed, what you need to be ready for, and which marketing approaches will help you outpace your competition. Each post contains a summary and best practices for marketers in this space, plus an entire report of our findings.

Available Reports

Online Lending
Learn about some of the new players in this space and how they’re changing the lending landscape as we know it.

Marketers are using gamification techniques to grow and retain customers. See how this works especially well in financial services. 

Wealth Management Trends
Changes in technology have opened a digital side to this traditionally face-to-face market. Learn how to balance efficiency and the needs of customers.

Retirement Guidance Trends
New approaches are being introduced to help Millennials prepare for retirement. Learn how these innovative programs helping to create competitive advantage.

Education Finance
Learn about the new players and digital-savvy tools being introduced into the market to build trust and win over customers. 

Mortgage & Equity
The personal loan market has been steadily growing since 2010. See what that means and how long the trend will continue. 

Savings & Deposits
Get information on new FinTech players challenging brick-and-mortar banks and more.