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Merkle at Advertising Week XII

[subheadline shortcode_text="The Launch of MerkleONE"]The Launch of MerkleONE[/subheadline]

Get People-Based with ONE Solution

MerkleONE, our people-based marketing solution, is designed to help marketers take advantage of the data-driven, increasingly programmatic, and addressable digital marketing opportunities that exist today by understanding and reaching actual people more effectively across channels and devices.  Whether it's advertising or content, it should be about people.


Advertising Week Session Information

The Rise of the Platform Marketer

September 28, 2015, 1:30 PM ET | Nasdaq Market Site


  • Craig Dempster, EVP & Digital Agency Group Leader, Merkle
  • John Lee, EVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Merkle
  • Charlie Weiss, VP, Ad Marketplaces, News Corporation
  • Christine Buscarino, Vice President, Ecommerce Marketing, Office Depot
  • Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

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The Neuroscience of Marketing

September 30, 2015, 1:00 PM ET | Liberty Theater


  • Leah van Zelm, VP, Digital Strategy, Merkle (Moderator) 
  • Ron Park, VP, Analytics , Merkle
  • Dr. Carmen Simon, PhD Cognitive Neuroscientist, Rexi Media
  • Bill Besselman, VP, Integration and Digital Strategy, Under Armour

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Mobilizing Data

September 30, 2015, 12:30 PM ET | ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall


  • Andy Fisher, Chief Analytics Officer, Merkle
  • Joshua Reynolds, Head of Marketing, Quantifind
  • Adam Guy, VP of Market Development, Neustar
  • Andy Hibbler, VP, Brand Partnerships and Advertising, Whitepages
  • Dr. JT Kostman, Chief Data Officer, Time Inc.
  • Dave Smith, VP, Monetization and Yeld, Pandora

Session Information »

Inspiring Buyer Confidence in Programmatic

September 30, 2015, 3:00 PM ET | ADARA Stage at Times Center Hall


  • Nicholas Illobre, Director Performance Media Capabilities, Merkle
  • Julie Clark, Programmatic Sales, Hearst Core Audience, Hearst
  • Matt Wolfrom, VP, Corporate Communications, PubMatic
  • Richard Sobel, Senior Vice President AOD Solutions , VivaKi

Session Information »

[subheadline shortcode_text="The Neuroanalytics of Marketing"]The Neuroanalytics of Marketing Webinar[/subheadline]

A majority of decisions are made at an automatic, subconscious level, yet marketers often take a very rational approach to persuasion.

In this webinar, our speakers, including two of our Advertising Week presenters, Leah Van Zelm, VP, Digital Strategy, and Ron Park, VP, Analytics, will share how to apply Means-End Theory to quantify both rational and emotional consumer decisioning factors. Once you can quantify consumer motivations, you can stop guessing what is important and what will work. Get to the right message, content and creative in a scientific, repeatable, and proven manner.

The webinar is scheduled for October 14, 2015 at 2:00 PM ET.

[subheadline shortcode_text="The Rise of the Platform Marketer"]The Rise of the Platform Marketer[/subheadline]

Today’s landscape of digital audience platforms, extensive customer data, and high-powered marketing technology creates an incredible opportunity for marketers to identify, target, and convert high-value customers in a systematic, profitable manner. The result is a decided competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, marketers must master the perfect mix of competencies. Our newest book, The Rise of the Platform Marketer: Performance Marketing with Google, Facebook, and Twitter, Plus the Latest High-Growth Digital Advertising Platforms, is your guide to get there. 

The Rise of the Platform Marketer

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