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Performance Marketing Expert Series

Merkle’s Performance Marketing Expert video series paints a vision of the remarkable success brands can have by using data, analytics, and technology to develop personalized customer experiences, optimized for high performance. Then we show you exactly what steps your organization needs to take to achieve that vision.

Our performance marketing experts will explain the shift toward customer-centric marketing and give you the tools to beat your competition using Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and other digital audience platforms.

Performance Marketing Expert Series, featuring John Lee, Matt Mobley, and Adam Lavelle

[subheadline shortcode_text="Our Performance Marketing Experts"]Our Performance Marketing Experts[/subheadline]

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Imagine the impact when you could hit every single customer with the most effective messaging for that person. But where do you even start? Adam discusses the three Cs of performance marketing needed to deliver customer-centric marketing that resonates. Walk through how content, context, and connectivity come together for meaningful personalized customer experiences.

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Once your customer-centric strategy is planned, you still have to orchestrate the data, technology, functional processes, and outsourced functions so they seamlessly support each other. John shows you how to Rationalize Your Mid-Funnel Supply Chain, and align these elements to deliver a highly relevant personalized, optimized customer experience.

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If you’re like most brands, you have your high-level advertising metrics and your customer database, but the two aren’t really connected. Learn how to bridge that gap and target individuals with addressable, personalized customer experiences. Matt helps you discover the four vital layers of an effective marketing cloud and learn how to consolidate your marketing technology stack for more flexibility, clarity, and performance.