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View the Performance Marketing Expert Series

[subheadline]The 3 Cs of Performance Marketing[/subheadline]

Presented by: Adam Lavelle, Chief Growth Officer, Merkle
How to use what you know about a customer to deliver content that is meaningful to and drives the right response.

[subheadline]Rationalize Your Mid-Funnel Supply Chain[/subheadline]

Presented by: John Lee, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer, Merkle
How to align data, technology and functional processes to deliver highly relevant and effective performance media campaigns.

[subheadline]Consolidating Your Marketing Technology Stack[/subheadline]

Presented by: Matt Mobley, EVP and Chief Technology Officer, Merkle
Discover the four vital layers of an effective marketing cloud and learn how to consolidate your marketing technology stack for more flexibility, clarity, and performance.