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Shopping Campaigns

[subheadline shortcode_text="Read the PLA Playbook"]Read the PLA Playbook[/subheadline]

Jump start your Shopping Campaigns with best practices and advanced strategies from Merkle’s PLA experts. Learn to

  • Employ basic best practices to set up strong Shopping Campaigns
  • Differentiate desktop from mobile to find new opportunities for growth
  • Learn from other retailers’ strategies with branded case studies
  • Enhance performance with advanced strategies for Shopping

Merkle's Product Listing Ad Playbook

View Our Webinar

Watch Google Shopping Campaigns: 3 Important Areas of Focus to learn key Shopping strategies

In this webinar Merkle's Todd Bowman, Director of Feed Management and Google's AnnaMarie Thomas, Partner Manager, Shopping reveal the areas of focus for Shopping Campaigns in 2016. As seen in the latest Q1 Merkle Digital Marketing Report, Google Shopping spend grew 41% and now is accounting for close to 70% of non-brand clicks on average.

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