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The Amazon Ads Playbook

In this playbook, Merkle shares best practices for Amazon’s key ad offerings, covering everything from basic set-up details to more advanced strategies.

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'Utterly baffling': adland on Lush's move to ditch social

'Utterly baffling': Merkle EMEA's Laura Collins, Director of Paid Social, shares her thoughts on what Lush's move to ditch social media could mean

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Facebook & Google: The Duopoly’s Dominance Increases

Merkle EMEA's Liz Rutgersson, SVP, Head of Media Planning, comments on a report by eMarketer published this week which suggests that Facebook and Google's dominance of the UK digital advertising market has continued to increase, with a forecasted share of 63.4% compared to 62.7% last year.
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Online v offline, optimising the mix

As more consumers shift to online shopping, our client wanted to understand whether their traditional catalogue-driven business should reduce their current investment in traditional media channels and focus more activity on digital media.
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Making the right calls

The challenge: The household energy market is fiercely competitive, and sales depend on highly targeted customer communications.Our client, an energy giant, needed to improve their outbound prospecting.
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The Evolving World of Omni-Channel Orchestration

For marketers, the ability to connect online and offline customer touchpoints and execute true omni-channel marketing strategies is relatively new to the scene. Even so, the discipline is evolving at a rapid pace, as available media, channels, devices, and platforms come and go.
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Imperative Three: Integrate Your Execution Strategy

During this webinar, Mark Clydesdale, Senior Director of Customer Strategy, will show you how to bridge (rather than break) the operational silos within your organisation, preserving the deep expertise within each silo while enabling greater cross-team coordination and collaboration.