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The 2018 Amazon Ads Playbook

In this playbook, Merkle shares best practices for Amazon’s key ad offerings, covering everything from basic set-up details to more advanced strategies.

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Children's Wellbeing in Film and Television Digital Marketing

Merkle has a range of best practices and procedures in place for all media to ensure we actively mitigate against issues related to children’s wellbeing, and a plethora of other potential key adver

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The Future of Customer Engagement

Banking has changed dramatically since the days of visiting the local branch a few times a week. Online and mobile banking lets customers conduct most of their daily banking transactions without ever setting foot in a brick-and-mortar bank
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Cannes Lions 2019 - Will all brands of the future be a service?

Consumer expectations are growing. We know that. In fact, most brands are no longer about products. Consumers expect a decent experience. They expect brands to know what they want, when they want it. It’s about service. Brands as a service. There’s a growing antipathy towards advertising in the UK.
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The 2019 Amazon Advertising Playbook

The UK marketing landscape has been undergoing a steady transformation over the last few years, with traditional digital players losing ground to the e-commerce superpower Amazon. In this paper we explore the key considerations behind setting up as a “retail ready” business on Amazon.