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2021 Customer Engagement Report

2020 was a year of change, driving customers to require more contactless experiences and digital interactions.
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2021 Customer Experience Imperatives

This year's Customer Experience Imperatives reflect the essentiality of people-first marketing, more important than ever before.
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An integrated marketing cloud is crucial for an integrated strategy

The future of CX will be brands delivering orchestrated journeys at every stage of the customer lifecycle – and this is impossible without technology. An integrated marketing cloud is key in rising to these challenges - and an integrated marketing strategy is crucial to effectively leverage the tech.
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SA360 Auction-Time Bidding

Rolled out for Search Ads 360 (SA360) last year, auction-time bidding (ATB) combines Google Ads powerful machine-learning Smart Bidding feature with advanced SA360 conversion data, unlocking the possibility to optimise for a multitude of signals and to set a distinct bid for every auction.
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How best to reach your audience through video

With two billion monthly logged in users, there is no doubt that YouTube provides unparalleled reach. But how can you ensure that you are reaching the right people, and measuring this for future optimisation?
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Developing strategic ideas in a virtual world

The events of the past year mean that we have all been forced into collaboration online. Despite the pandemic, work has had to continue, and we’ve all been forced to adapt and overcome the limitations of operating solely in a virtual world.
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Making the most of your Smart Shopping campaigns in 2021

If you’ve worked on Google Ads over the last 2 years, you’ve likely noticed Smart Shopping evolving from the lesser-known relative of manual shopping to the heart and soul of any PPC party (of which there are many, we are told).