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2020 Customer Engagement Report Q3

Our collection of research-based reports brings you a clearer picture of the CRM landscape to help you in your people-based marketing journey.
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Hyper-personalization and the Connected Customer Experience

Embrace the power of consumers. Welcome the revolution. It’s 2020, and the next level of disruption means willfully thinking about the consumer with every decision we make across the enterprise.
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Why Scala is my favourite programming language

If you ask my colleagues what I think about Scala, they will likely sigh or simply say ‘he likes it a lot’, says Steve Robinson. Scala has so many awesome concepts that aren’t available in most of the popular OOP languages.
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How to effectively measure customer communications

Effective measurement of marketing – both direct and indirect – has long been a challenging field, often dictated by suppliers and channel owners deploying approaches that are not consistent across the whole business.
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What Does 5G Mean For Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a field that’s constantly evolving. In recent years we’ve seen the arrival of big data, as well as the introduction of 4G. But now we’re preparing for the introduction of 5G, which could have an impact on data analytics for companies of all sizes.