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2020 Customer Engagement Report Q3

Our collection of research-based reports brings you a clearer picture of the CRM landscape to help you in your people-based marketing journey.
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Hyper-personalization and the Connected Customer Experience

Embrace the power of consumers. Welcome the revolution. It’s 2020, and the next level of disruption means willfully thinking about the consumer with every decision we make across the enterprise.
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2021 Customer Engagement Report

2020 was a year of change, driving customers to require more contactless experiences and digital interactions. Download this report to see how marketers at major companies are responding to these changes, what they are prioritising, and how they are investing in the near and longer term.
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The mechanisms of organisational decision-making

This is part 2 of the 3-part blog series discussing the use of decision modelling notation (DMN) in next best action marketing. In part 1, we examined the reasons for using DMN in Next Best Action (NBA) Marketing and decisioning in general.
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Why SEO is important for YouTube

Increase YouTube video rankings and engagements using SEO techniques. Learn how to integrate SEO into your YouTube strategy.