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2021 Customer Engagement Report

2020 was a year of change, driving customers to require more contactless experiences and digital interactions.
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2021 Customer Experience Imperatives

This year's Customer Experience Imperatives reflect the essentiality of people-first marketing, more important than ever before.
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Why SEO is important for YouTube

Increase YouTube video rankings and engagements using SEO techniques. Learn how to integrate SEO into your YouTube strategy.
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The Customer Service Pyramid

In today's service world, the bar is set by the most progressive brands. Their activity is frictionless, well thought-out and offers customer interactions that surprise and delight.
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Voice Assistant Marketing: Meet Saskia from Merkle

With 8,000 voice searches being made every second on Google alone, discover how your business can optimize content to appear for voice-activated searches. Begin building your voice search optimization (VSO) strategy by taking Saskia’s 5-minute quiz.
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A Career in Programmatic Advertising

Searching ‘Programmatic for dummies’ will deliver you statements like ‘Programmatic is just using software to buy digital advertising’ or ‘Programmatic is the buying and selling of ads through machines’.
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Architecting the ultimate B2B customer experience

Today’s B2B buyers are sophisticated and emotional, and need to see a “personal value add” from brands that support their progress as individuals. B2B buyers also want information, a show of interest, clarity, and compelling benefits from suppliers to help them make effective decisions.