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Latest Posts

AEM to Cloud – technical implications for migration

In the first blog of this short series, we looked at the advantages of moving to the cloud, why clients were considering this a “no brainer” and what to do if you were considering the move. In this blog we will explore the technical implications, and common questions we hear from our clients as well as the strategic direction from Adobe.

Guide to International Account Management on Facebook

Thinking of taking your marketing across the border? Facebook may be the channel for you to scale your international presence and reach key audiences in new markets. Not only is the platform able to provide you with a wealth of targeting capabilities but there is also a large scope of international features such as cross-border resources, insights to go and advanced measurement and reporting tools. Read on to learn new ways to think about your international Facebook strategy and tools available to expand your digital strategy internationally.

Decision modelling stages – how to work through the process

In my previous two blogs, I looked at how and why an organisation should use decision modelling to improve its ability to hyper-personalise its communications. In this last blog in the series, I will walk you through the stages involved in developing decision models.

The mechanisms of organisational decision-making

This is part 2 of the 3-part blog series discussing the use of decision modelling notation (DMN) in next best action marketing. In part 1, we examined the reasons for using DMN in Next Best Action (NBA) Marketing and decisioning in general.