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Changes to Google Shopping Campaigns with Shopping Comparison Sites

Merkle | Periscopix are now a Google Comparison Shopping Partner.

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Merkle achieves Elite Partner status with Bing

The Elite partner status granted to Merkle | Periscopix highlights our commitment as an industry leading digital marketing agency to fostering and maintaining a collaborative working relationship w

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Latest Posts

Creating a Data-Driven Competitive Advantage

Being able to provide relevant, appropriate and personalised journeys to customers is the key to creating connected experiences of the future that effectively build and retain customer bases.

Learning In The Workplace For Career Progression – Merkle

We’re one week into the new school year. Children across the country will have received up to 32.5 hours of learning already but, at work, how have you used that time? Chances are that very little of it has been devoted to learning something new. The new school year is a great opportunity to reflect on your own learning journey and how you can proactively make a change.

Children's Wellbeing in Film and Television Digital Marketing

Merkle has a range of best practices and procedures in place for all media to ensure we actively mitigate against issues related to children’s wellbeing, and a plethora of other potential key advertising issues. Our living best-practice documentation exists in a state of constant evolution, ensuring we not only remain ahead of the curve in this area, but also take a leading position.

Introducing the Conscious Advertising Network

It is easy to evade our personal responsibilities for a plethora of reasons, but we cannot hide for long from the consequences of doing so. Inaction always catches up with us and it can often lead to demonstrable negative consequences.

Will the real data scientist please stand up?

Data science is an emerging sector, and it’s a bit like the Wild West where rules are still being made up. Perhaps that’s why impostor syndrome – the fear of being found out to be a fraud or feeling inadequate – is so prevalent.

Online v offline, optimising the mix

As more consumers shift to online shopping, our client wanted to understand whether their traditional catalogue-driven business should reduce their current investment in traditional media channels and focus more activity on digital media.