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Enabling a data-driven decisioning culture for Tesco Mobile through engaging, interactive performance measurement


Tesco Mobile head office were faced with speed to insight challenges when attempting to engage data to drive decisions. Data was not presented in a form that allowed non-experts to truly engage with it and important decisions were regularly being made without sufficient access to all the relevant insights. This was impacting Tesco Mobile’s ability to enact the optimum strategy set to meet business goals.

Speed to value for any solution was a crucial challenge – the client was keen to avoid a lengthy implementation process that would cause the current poor levels of data access to be sustained any longer than necessary, as the material impact on their bottom line was significant.

Tesco Mobile approached us looking for a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that was engaging and that could be delivered in a short turnaround to steer their decisions.


We knew we needed to engage Tesco Mobile with the possibilities BI could offer their business. We initially demonstrated tools and best practice in next-generation business intelligence to Tesco Mobile stakeholders, which generated enthusiasm and showed Tesco Mobile the art of the possible. Following this introduction, we proposed running a Proof of Concept to show just how much could be achieved through BI.

In just three weeks we set out to prove the value of a BI solution on a pilot project that was high-value, core to business objectives and had high user numbers, as this would rapidly establish whether our proposed solution was effective. The business focus area chosen was Pay Monthly Sales, which represented a fixed and repeated revenue. The chosen grouping would allow rapid understanding of whether the solution was delivering value.

Initially we supported ten Tesco Mobile head office users through this pilot with two BI developers. At the end of the three-week proof of concept programme we delivered a fully functional Pay Monthly dashboard, which enabled Tesco Mobile to make key decisions very quickly that instantly impacted bottom line.

The initial POC was deployed to live with few adjustments, representing a clear success and leading to the expansion of our work.


Tesco Mobile now has 120 regular BI users at head office and the business provides dashboard access and training to all appropriate new Head Office employees. From the initial single dashboard, we now have over 40 different dashboards live, all supporting data-driven decision-making for the client. The BI programme is consequently very well embedded.

Due to the technology-agnostic nature of our support, we are now talking about evolving their first platform towards new BI tech – we have set Tesco Mobile up for future success no matter where their needs take them in the next wave of BI.

Keys to success

Our BI solution was tech agnostic, allowing future adaptability
Time to value was high – we could deliver more for less cost
POC tackled a specific problem to clearly show transformation
Starting small built client confidence which increased future staff engagement

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