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Digital Marketing Report: Q2 2017

Each quarter, Merkle releases the latest trends happening in digital marketing

Thank you for your interest in Merkle’s Digital Marketing Report for Q2 2017.

This free report takes a detailed look at Q2 performance across digital channels including paid search, SEO, product ads, CSEs, programmatic and social media. It also provides insight into major digital trends including share of traffic for search engines, digital platforms, and across devices.

Download the Q2 report to learn about:

  • How Google Shopping has become critical to retailer search ad traffic in the UK and US
  • What is causing an 8% drop in CPCs for brand keywords on Google
  • How mobile is helping Facebook spending grow much faster than other channels
  • The continued rebound in organic search visits, following six quarters of declines
  • How a weak mobile presence has impacted comparison shopping engine revenues

Preview of Q2 2017 Data

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