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March 29, 2018

What is people-based marketing

Information tied to identity is the basis of people-based marketing - with this technique, marketers are offered better targeting solutions but also more opportunities to enhance trust with both the client and the consumer.
Author: Richard Lees
November 10, 2017

Becoming Great at People-Based Marketing

In an industry where 75 percent of revenue comes from individuals, it’s only logical that we should be putting people first in our marketing efforts. It’s time that fundraisers learn how to become great at people-based marketing.
Author: Greg Fox
Topics: Nonprofit
July 04, 2017
MarTech Today

Will the European MarTech Market Mirror the US?

Recently, Martech in the U.S. has experienced a consolidation in areas like butt computing, with providers acquiring new capabilities that enable true omni-channel, omni-media consumer experiences. But how are these trends being reflected globally in other markets outside of the US?
Author: Matt Mobley
Topics: Marketing Technology