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What we see


40 %
Of companies think their marketing is ineffective, according to Adobe
93 %
Of CMOs say they are under more pressure to deliver measurable ROI, also according to Adobe


What we think

In today’s fast-paced marketing environment, it’s all too easy for a focus on acquiring tech to supersede the need to get maximum value from the martech you already have at your disposal. Most technology has far more functionality than businesses ever make the most of, meaning that the solutions you’re seeking for existing organisational issues might already be at your fingertips if your martech stack were optimised or staff upskilled to deliver what’s needed. 

All too often, technology investments (past or future) are not linked effectively to the value that they are ultimately able to deliver. This means that money is spent or re-spent on initiatives that fail to deliver an effective return on investment – ‘rocking horse projects’ where motion is mistaken for progress. Without a constant focus on the value outcome of your activity, it becomes impossible to see where projects need to be prioritised or cancelled.

Coupled with this, we see many businesses in a position where they’re currently unable to make the best use of their customer data, meaning many are still failing to better understand their audience and how to communicate to maximum effect. To be truly useful, your organisation’s data needs to be accessible – not stored in multiple unconnected silos due to legacy systems or inadequate structures – and able to drive transformative insights for your marketing team.

Looking at data through a value lens means that your business can set priorities for evolution effectively, and only in this way can return on investment be delivered.

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