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Marketing Imperatives

Integrating to Transform: The CMO's Roadmap to People-Based Marketing


Put people first. It's as simple as that.

The road to people-based marketing has different starting points, but the destination is the same.

This edition of the Marketing Imperatives, the seventh in the award-winning series, gives you an actionable roadmap to adopt a customer-centric business strategy, with the goal of creating more relevant and personalised experiences.

This is how you’ll drive incremental sales and lifetime customer value. You’ll gain the confidence and visualisation to start where you are and manage incremental transformation by integrating your customer strategy, your technology, and your organisational approach.

About This Year's Imperatives

This edition is centered on how to take a powerful idea - people-based marketing - from theory to practice. The 2019 Imperatives are:
Integrate Your Customer Strategy

Integrate Your Customer Strategy

Build a picture of your desired audience. Understand those relationships and how you’d like to change them. Create a flexible roadmap for change.

Integrate Your Technology Stack

Integrate Your Technology Stack

Unlock your marketing technology stack through a centralised data facility: a rapid access to data, the management of identifiers for a person, and an easy connection to your ecosystem.

Integrate Your Execution

Integrate Your Execution

Bridge instead of break your internal silos. Embrace new ways of collaborating across your business. Gain budget and buy-in. Take your customer-based strategy to market.

What Is People-Based Marketing?

People-based marketing (PBM) is a holistic approach to managing marketing interactions to known individuals with a focus on maximising customer lifetime value in a hyper-mobile world.

With the precision of moving beyond cookies to real people, PBM represents the future of audience addressability, personalised experiences, and brand loyalty over time. The pinpoint accuracy of syncing and measuring data through inbound and outbound channels, enabled by the rapid advancement of technology, puts people at the center of brand strategy and success.