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Marketing Imperatives 2013

Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage throuth
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For several years, the common theme in the direct and interactive marketing industry has been the connection of customer centricity and business strategy. Together, we have built momentum toward this approach, which Merkle calls connected CRM.
Connected CRM represents a systematic way to identify, serve, and retain customers based upon their value, through orchestrated customer interactions that improve financial results, create competitive advantage, and drive shareholder value.
The foundation of Connected CRM is a clearly rationalized strategic framework that is widely adopted at all levels of the organization and forms an ongoing process. Marketers must master a specific set of skills and incorporate them into the marketing strategy … imperatives for building a customer-centric organization.

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Access complimentary three-part webinar series led by Merkle thought leaders
Watch the video introduction of the 2013 Imperatives Webinar Series

Join Merkle thought leaders on demand, by accessing this complimentary three-part webinar series designed to expand upon the 2013 Marketing Imperatives.


Creating Your Customer Currencies

The first in Merkle's Marketing Imperatives webinar series kicks off with a session entitled "Creating Your Customer Currencies," led by Ron Park, VP, Group Leader, Merkle. In this webinar, Ron focuses on currencies – the universally accepted operational protocols that enable different business functions and groups to organize and rally around a central construct – the customer.

This webinar provides insights into how companies can achieve fully integrated, customer-centric marketing and realize the accompanying financial benefits. It discusses the critical customder currencies that all organizations must have to achieve competitive differentiation through customer strategy.

Ron discusses how achieving the goal of building these currencies and establishing an organization that is truly customer-focused is a matter of realigning resources around a set of priorities in a disciplined manner. The companies that are able to do this are operating more effectively and stealing market share from their competitors right now.

Click the link below to watch one, two, or all three of these valuable archived, online events. For more information, please email our Events Team.

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Building Your Technology Platform for Connected CRM

This webinar, led by Matt Mobley, Chief Marketing Technology Officer, focuses on the pivotal role that technology plays in the effective execution of a solid customer strategy. In this webinar, Matt discusses how technology integrates information and analytics, using established currencies, to create valuebased interactions across all customer touchpoints.

Today’s CMO must be equal parts technologist and marketer, appreciating the marketing relevance of big data technologies, from digital execution to core marketing databases and applications.  The office of the CMO becomes the liaison to drive the marketing technology roadmap in the IT organization. In this webinar, Matt discusses how this roadmap can, and must, ensure many factors, including integration of data from all touchpoints, faster access to all data, and more.

Click the link below to watch one, two, or all three of these valuable archived, online events. For more information, please email our Events Team.

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Demonstrating the Business Impact

In this webinar, Steve LaValle, Partner and EVP for Merkle's Management Consulting Group, discusses how marketing leaders can prove the value that connected CRM brings to the organization. Steve shares how demonstrating the business impact of a customer-focused approach can be achieved through a combination of integrated and aligned performance metrics and dynamic reporting that reveal successes and improvement opportunities.

Ensuring success of any connected CRM strategy requires swift but sustained proof of its value to the enterprise – and to the customer. In this webinar, we dive into how this strategy and the evaluation of its progress can be carried out in a systematic, coordinated effort.

Click the link below to watch one, two, or all three of these valuable archived, online events. For more information, please email our Events Team.

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